sienaThe Company CIVITAS PIETRA was born 25 years ago from a rib of ARS MARMI constituted in the 30’s of 900 as a firm for stone processing finalized also to restoration and substitution  of bound goods   defined as artistic  and cultural heritage. Always from a branch of ARS MARMI in the first years of 2000 was born ARS STONE, which deals with  international availability and stone and marbles commerce. At the end of the 80’s due to a deeper awareness towards the needs of the cultural heritage was born CIVITAS PIETRA , which, imposing itself on the local market as one of the most accredited company, develops including in its staff specific skills  as  specialized restorers, cooperators restorers and restorers specialized in the numerous supports related to cultural goods. From the very beginning the response of the commisions   is strong and prolific so that even the public administrations  cooperate actively with CIVITAS PIETRA. From this observation CIVITAS PIETRA starts to cooperate with foreign countries supported by ARS MARMI and by ARS STONE for a bigger and more complete support to project finalities.

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